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I love using my Feather Light Silk Eye Mask.

Because I like to sleep with the windows open at night, it is common for outside lights such as street lights, neighbours lights or the moon to bring light into our bedroom, so I like to wear my eye mask every single night. Sometimes my husband likes to read in bed a little longer than I do at night time, so putting on the mask ensures that I can get to sleep and he can still enjoy reading without disturbing me. On the occasion that I feel the need for a daytime nap, it comes in handy then too.

It’s not just about blocking out light for a deeper quality of sleep and to ensure melatonin production (hormone that helps us sleep that is activated by a dark environment), but also because it feels so nurturing to have on my eyes. Sometimes if it’s quite dark outside I like to wear it on my forehead. This is particularly good for the odd time I may have a headache or feel stressed. The forehead is a place I at times hold stress and tension, so it feels very soothing to put the mask there.

I have worn many types of eye masks over the years, particularly for plane travel but usually they are uncomfortable, push into my face in all the wrong places and the elastic just doesn’t sit right. These lovely silk eye masks are so delicate on your face, yet fit in a way to still block light well, with just the right amount of padding and the elastic is ‘just right’ to stay in place without feeling tight or restrictive. The silk fabric helps it to breath better than some of the synthetic materials you get with cheap airline type masks. In short, they feel like ‘heaven’ on my face.

With love.

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