Because I like to sleep with the windows open at night, it is common for outside lights such as street lights, neighbours lights or the moon to bring light into our bedroom, so I like to wear my eye mask every single night. Sometimes my husband likes to read in bed a little longer than I do at night time, so putting on the mask ensures that I can get to sleep and he can still enjoy reading without disturbing me. On the occasion that I f...

Quite a few years ago I gave an eye pillow to my father and he loves it. As he has been unwell for many years he keeps it with him most of the day and is never without it at night time.

Last Thursday, he underwent open heart surgery and has remained in the ICU. His old eye pillow is very well loved by now as you can imagine, so I purchased a lovely new one for him and he received it the day after his operation and he has it with him in t...

14 Dec 2018

I just had to let you know about the Car Seat Covers that I purchased from you. Oh my God, they feel absolutely amazing, and super super supportive.

Hi Desiree,

Thankyou so much for my beautiful shoulder wrap and eye pillow. The fabric and designs are just beautiful and I have been wearing them every day since they arrived. Thankyou also for the care in the packaging - I loved the calligraphy with my name on it- it felt very special and I was very pleased not only with your service but attention to detail. I tried to do a google review on your website but couldn’t find how to do it s...

From the moment I took my eye mask out I knew that it was something special. It looked so beautiful and was lovely to touch. I immediately felt that it had been made with great care and much love. I chose the large size and it was perfect and very comfortable over my eyes. The first time I wore it I was not at home but in a place where there was lighting left on all night. My eye mask kept out even the smallest crack of light where I ha...

31 Oct 2015

Eye Pillows: What started out as a gift from a friend four or five years ago has turned into a love affair with these eye pillows. I put one over my eyes every

I would like you to know that I was gifted an eye pillow about a year ago and used it on occasions, although for the past four months as I have undergone chemotherapy I have reached for my eye pillow as a constant companion throughout this time. My eye pillow has been an added source of support, particularly as I have been challenged more than usual, to tap into that deeper stillness to allow my body to do what it does best - 'heal'.  I...

1 May 2013

A friend sent me an eye pillow after a traumatic event in our family and I have found it such a comfort to me as well as helping me to sleep that I want them for several members of my family. I continue to have my own eye pillow close to me each night.

I have been searching world wide for the perfect eye pillow and finally found yours that is functional and practical. The advertisement was truly descriptive and from direct experience everything and more offered is experienced here. I love the added comfort and entire rest induced by this heavenly pillow which contributes to sound rest. I purchased your lovely, well made eye pillow for $25 at a shop. I say it's well made as I purchased...

13 Dec 2010

Dear Feather Light Productions
I love the joyful, loving eye pillows - especially mine

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