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What started as a gift turned into a love affair ...

Eye Pillows: What started out as a gift from a friend four or five years ago has turned into a love affair with these eye pillows. I put one over my eyes every night to sleep. It cuts out all light and it feels like closing the curtains and saying “good night world I am going to sleep now”. If I am tired during the day I use it for a quiet lay down too. They make great gifts. I gave them out as Christmas gift last year to my work colleagues and they all loved them. I have noticed that the pattern fabric is more delicate than the solid colours so treat the patterns with extra care and attention or you may see it fray over a long time. Shoulder Wrap: I work on the computer all day at least five days a week. I also have been carrying a lot of stress in my shoulders for many years so buying one of these shoulder wraps has been a great investment. I used to find the only way I could get my shoulders warm was to have a bath, now I just warm one of these wraps up (I use a hot water bottle if I don’t have a heater handy) and wear it. It really helps to melt the stress and not feel so tight in my shoulders. Sometimes I will also warm it up and place it on my belly which particularly helps at certain times of the month. It’s worth buying a cover as well, it’s not only a great way to protect your investment but they look great (sometimes I wear my wrap at the office) and they are washable. Silk Eye Masks: I bought an eye mask for my sister who works night shifts and she uses it a few days a week to sleep during the day. I would also recommend these for any long haul air flights, which is when I always have it handy. The fabric is gentle on the face and the elastic makes it easy to adjust. It comes in a little pouch that makes it easy to store and carry. I bought the smaller size recently for an 11 year old and it fit him really well with a bit of room to grow. It really does make a wonderful gift.

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