Healing Eye Pillow
Dimensions: 215 mm × 100 mm × 15 mm


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The Healing Eye-Pillow can support creating a moment to truly close our eyes for ourselves and to rejuvenate. The Healing Eye-Pillow placed over our eyes can provide or support a stilling affect and as a result our face and body may begin to also slow down thus offering a moment of true rest. Additionally the Healing Eye-Pillow can also be used anywhere on your body where you would like to feel supported (ie. over the heart area, anywhere over the belly, joints, shoulders etc.)


  • Resting, self-meditation, self-healing

  • To support easing raciness, anxiousness
    and nervous energy

  • As part of a healing treatment for all
    relative modalities

  • As a heat pack* carefully warmed up in a towel warmer
    *not to be used in a microwave

  • For travelling* – to rest the eyes
    *please be aware when taking them travelling that some countries
    (e.g. Australia) will have import restrictions

Made in Australia  –  100% gluten free

As a great gift for all

The Healing Eye-Pillow was esoterically developed to bring rest to the eyes. Many people find that it encourages such a deep rest that it can help provide a healing experience throughout the body.  

It is made from personally selected fine silks, filled with flaxseed and scented with quality essential oils. Please Note: The imprint in which the oils have been applied stays for the life in the Healing Eye-Pillow. The Healing Eye-Pillow does not lose the integrity, dedication and love it was made with, and all that that offers, when the scent dissipates.

When creating this product we were very aware of the sensitivities in making a product that works directly over the eyes and surrounding areas, and with this in mind all care has gone into developing an eye-pillow that is of energetic integrity. The experience is one of love and deep gentleness.

Developed and produced with love by Miranda Benhayon and Desiree Delaloye, with the help of Serge Benhayon.

Product Reviews

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I would like you to know that I was gifted an eye pillow about a year ago and used it on occasions, although for the past four months as I have undergone chemotherapy I have reached for my eye pillow as a constant companion throughout this time. My eye pillow has been an added source of support, particularly as I have been challenged more than usual, to tap into that deeper stillness to allow my body to do what it does best - 'heal'.  I have no doubt that the positive feedback I get from my Professor and the nursing staff is a reflection from using these services and products.

My neighbour has seen how it has supported me and has asked me to order her one, and the other is for my daughter who has just commenced nursing and is struggling getting used to the late and early shifts.  I hope she will love hers as much as I do and my other daughter who doesn't leave home without hers!

Thank you for making available such supportive and loving products.

With love, Frances Taylor-Marshall


I think I'll certainly be ordering more products from you. A friend sent me an eye pillow after a traumatic event in our family and I have found it such a comfort to me as well as helping me to sleep that I want them for several members of my family. I continue to have my own eye pillow close to me each night.

Leonie, NSW


I have been searching world wide for the perfect eye pillow and finally found yours that is functional and practical. The advertisement was truly descriptive and from direct experience everything and more offered is experienced here. I love the added comfort and entire rest induced by this heavenly pillow which contributes to sound rest. I purchased your lovely, well made eye pillow for $25 at a shop. I say it's well made as I purchased one from another company from Brisbane and their material made my eyes sweat (I don't ever usually sweat) and so I sourced another - luckily yours, which the shopkeeper in Bangalow assured me it won't make me sweat - not only is it fabulous it's better made. Yours has a washable case which is a superior function. Thank you.

Mandy, Discovery Bay, Hong Kong


Dear Feather Light Productions
I love the joyful, loving eyepillows - especially mine

love, Bella. (8y.)


Thank you for the gift of the eye pillows. They are reminding my body what gentleness feels like, and I am remembering how to let Love in. What a true gift.

With love, Rebecca


After using the Healing Eye-Pillows at home ... they continue to be awesome.
I can feel their effect immediately after placing on my body...and the enhanced quality of gentleness, at least for that moment, is deeply felt. Thank you all.

With love, Melinda


Thank you for sending my pillows,  I received them the other day.
I took them with me for a session with Sara Williams yesterday and I now know why you call them Feather Light. 5 minutes into the session and I could not feel them on me, they became part of me and by the end of the session I could feel a clarity coming from behind my eyes, if that makes sense.
I am really enjoying using them and will order some more as they feel so wonderful what ever part of the body I put them on.

With love, Alison


The eye pillows arrived yesterday and they are truly awesome!!
When they arrived yesterday I simply had to stop and lie down to feel them. When I had to continue my chores I kept one close to me all the time placing it on different parts of the body. I slept with it and placed it into my handbag this morning so I will have it with me for the day. Thank you so much for this great product!

With love, Judith


Thank you for such a beautiful product, it works so amazingly well!
I also love what you have done with the website, it is now very easy to browse the different colours and see which ones are in stock etc. Thank you once again for such a beautiful and healing product,

With love, Kathy


The Healing Eye-Pillows are amazing packages of grace and love.
They allow you to be with yourself, and to rest and gently restore your body and your being, helping to restore the lost art of self-healing. My children love them and use them to help restore their energy after school and to rest before bed, allowing them true rest at night. I find them beautiful to use on the eyes, to restore the eyes and rest the mind, allowing me to be with myself without distractions. They are wonderful for restoring kidney energy when you feel tired, drained or depressed and are almost as good as a session with Serge! They may be used safely and effectively by anyone, on any part of the body.
I whole-heartedly recommend these beautiful pillows for everyone.

With love, (Dr) Anne Malatt


Just felt to email, the eye pillows arrived yesterday....
wow, they are the most magical exquisite thing I have ever felt.  Last night after a busy day I placed it over my eyes and within a few seconds I felt like my body had been washed with love.... today I used it with a client for chakra-puncture and she opened up far more deeply than before. Thank you so much for these, they are truly wonder-full.

With love, Jane


Dear Feather Light, an eye pillow has made its way to me in Canberra. It is awesome!! My son Michael borrowed it this morning and he spontaneously placed it over his right forearm which he broke 3 months ago. He was so gentle with it and loved it. Yes, the colour does not matter. It rocks to have so much love available via this simple product. Even more wonderful I can feel its impress loving my family.

With love, Felicity


Dear Feather Light Team,
From my body -- thank you for bringing through such a beauty-full product -- exquisite in every way.

With love, Adrienne


Thank you!
They are awesome - every little detail you have all put into them is (of course) so full of light and love. My left trapezius has had the benefit over the past 2 nights now (they are definitely remaining by the bed!).

With love, Victoria


Hi there, I received the eye pillows. Seriously, they are absolutely beautiful and are a whole different class to any thing else I have seen or felt. We would love to stock the eye pillows here if that is a possibility ...
Very much look forward to hearing from you, and thanks for the inspiration - they are AWESOME.

With love, Simon


Dear Feather Light Productions
I received my eye pillows and used one last night. It felt so loving and calming to every part of me.
Thank you very much.

With love, Golnaz


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