18 Sep 2010

Thank you for the gift of the eye pillows. They are reminding my body what gentleness feels like, and I am remembering how to let Love in. What a true gift.

With love, Rebecca

16 Sep 2010

After using the Eye Pillows at home ... they continue to be awesome. 
I can feel their effect immediately after placing on my body...and the enhanced quality of gentleness, at least for that moment, is deeply felt. Thank you all.

With love, Melinda

10 Sep 2010

Thank you for sending my pillows,  I received them the other day.
I took them with me for a session yesterday and I now know why you call them feather light. 5 minutes into the session and I could not feel them on me, they became part of me and by the end of the session I could feel a clarity coming from behind my eyes, if that makes sense. 
I am really enjoying using them and will order some more as they feel so wonderful whatever part...

9 Sep 2010

The eye pillows arrived yesterday and they are truly awesome!!

When they arrived yesterday I simply had to stop and lie down to feel them. When I had to continue my chores I kept one close to me all the time placing it on different parts of the body. I slept with it and placed it into my handbag this morning so I will have it with me for the day. Thank you so much for this great product!

With love, Judith

5 Sep 2010

Thank you for such a beautiful product, it works so amazingly well!
I also love what you have done with the website, it is now very easy to browse the different colours and see which ones are in stock etc. Thank you once again for such a beautiful and healing product,

With love, Kathy

2 Sep 2010

Just felt to email, the eye pillows arrived yesterday....
wow, they are the most magical exquisite thing I have ever felt.  Last night after a busy day I placed it over my eyes and within a few seconds I felt like my body had been washed with love.... today I used it with a client for chakra-puncture and she opened up far more deeply than before. Thank you so much for these, they are truly wonder-full.

With love, Jane

30 Aug 2010

Dear Feather Light, an eye pillow has made its way to me in Canberra. It is awesome!! My son Michael borrowed it this morning and he spontaneously placed it over his right forearm which he broke 3 months ago. He was so gentle with it and loved it. Yes, the colour does not matter but awesome to have such a great variety to choose from. It rocks to have so much love available via this simple product. Even more wonderful I can feel its imp...

23 Aug 2010

Thank you!
They are awesome - every little detail you have all put into them is (of course) so full of light and love. My left trapezius has had the benefit over the past 2 nights now (they are definitely remaining by the bed!).

With love, Victoria

23 Aug 2010

Dear Feather Light Team,
From my body -- thank you for bringing through such a beauty-full product -- exquisite in every way.

With love, Adrienne

Dear Feather Light Productions
I received my eye pillows and used one last night. It felt so loving and calming to every part of me. 
Thank you very much.

With love, Golnaz

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